New Film "Love and Solidarity", Non-violence for Systemic Change

Portside, August 12, 2016, Will Jones and Mike Honey

Love and Solidarity, a new film directed by Mike Honey and co-produced with film maker Errol Webber. Non-violence is NOT passive, but is militant and effective theory and practice. Portside Moderator Will Jones interviews Honey about the film and highly respected, long time RELIGIOUS LEADER, organizer, and educator James Lawson.

"Will Jones:  Why this film now?

Mike Honey:  James Lawson’s theory and practice, ranging from the early civil rights and anti-war movements until now, offers us on the left, in the streets, a long term view based on his experience of teaching and organizing since the 1950s.  He never claims to have all of the answers but provides a framework that challenges us to not just protest but to transform situations and systems, to build coalitions, to win people over to sanity.  The Black Lives Matter movement’s evolution from impressive protests in Ferguson and elsewhere to a platform and call for continued action is an example of both the power and challenges faced by us here in USA and globally.

We deliberately made the film relatively short, 38 minutes long.  It is effective for classroom use, union meetings, on campus, in community meetings.  The intent is to start a conversation.  Different strands of the left –  Latino/a rights, immigrant rights, labor rights, civil rights organizing, social justice speak to just about any audience.  Most people who see the film will never have heard about Jim Lawson.  This is not an in-depth biography, but rather an introduction to Lawson and the theory and practice of non-violence.  We hope it opens up questions of effective theory and practice for all activists. ..."

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James Lawson & Nonviolence In The Search For Workers' Rights
"A must see for students, teachers, and activists."
Premilla Nadasen, Assoc. Prof. History, Barnard College